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Bitcoin Wallets: What are the differences between them?

Satoshi Nakamoto first published their paper on Bitcoin back in 2009, but it didn’t reach real mainstream popularity until recently. Only the users who understand the highly technical mechanics of Bitcoin invested their time in the technology during 2009-13 intermission period. In February of 2013 Bitcoin, and soon cryptocurrencies in general, finally entered the public […]

Proof of Stake – How does it work and what are the advantages?

Recently more and more alt coins have decided to integrate a proof of stake system over the traditional proof of work system used by Bitcoin and Litecoin. But why, one may ask? Frankly, the proof of work system is not perfect. A cryptocurrency without proof of stake doesn’t just lack an incentive for users to continue holding on to their […]

How will financial firms like JP Morgan soon challenge Bitcoin?

Bitcoin has endured many challenges since emerging back in 2009. Still, the currency is more alive than ever with ever-growing adoption between new consumers and merchants alike. It’s uniqueness as a (mostly) decentralized currency against all odds has attracted the attention of media all over the world. As the currency populi of the world, are the […]

How will the Satoshi Nakamoto Dox affect the market?

On September 8, the administrator and owner of, theymos, announced that “had been compromised.” We’re still not quite sure what the true extent of the compromise has been and whether one or several hackers have gained access to the account. There are however some important things to say about what affect this will […]

For Merchants: Getting started with Crypto Currencies like Bitcoin and Litecoin

If you’re a merchant, or own a business or storefront, you may have heard about accepting Bitcoins, Litecoins, Dogecoins or any other sort of crypto currencies out there. You may also be wondering what in the world these things are and why they matter. We’ve put together here at CoinManual a short beginners guide for […]

What are colored coins? A quick summary.

If you’re familiar with Bitcoin at all, then you know of the technology that is arguably more important than the coin itself, known as the blockchain. Originally used for keeping records of every transaction made, the blockchain also supports protocols that are built on top of it, theoretically allowing anyone to make their own coin. […]

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